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maandag 6 februari 2017

BBC Health: Donor dilemma

Donor dilemma
When her daughter, Thalya, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, Chantal Onelien's initial reaction was shock. But, as Adam Harris reports, it was only the beginning of a long and difficult...
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Unexpected mental health deaths up 50% in three years
Deaths classed as "unexpected" at mental health trusts include suicide, neglect and misadventure.
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Breast cancer sufferer third man in family to have disease
Two men in Giles Cooper's family died from breast cancer - then he got the disease.
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The long wait
Justin Webb looks at an elderly Bristol woman's struggle to find a care home place.
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Upfront charges for NHS 'health tourists' in England
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says NHS England will charge overseas patients before non-urgent care.
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