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maandag 6 februari 2017

BBC Health: Almost two-thirds of children worry 'all the time'

Almost two-thirds of children worry 'all the time'
Children need to know where they can turn for help, says a mental health charity.
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NHS week: Nine in 10 hospitals 'overcrowded' this winter
BBC analysis shows most hospitals have too many patients on wards, risking infections and delays in care.
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FGM problems found 'every hour' by GPs, says charity
A case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is either discovered or treated at a medical appointment in England every hour, a charity has said.
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Jon Ashworth MP: My dad was an alcoholic - but I was lucky
The shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth talks frankly about his childhood spent growing up with an alcoholic father - but insists he "was lucky".
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Spider phobia brain 'processes unconscious fear'
Showing arachnopohobes images of spiders so briefly they remain unaware of them could help overcome their fear.
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