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maandag 24 september 2018

The Lancet: [Articles] Thin composite wire strut, durable polymer-coated (Resolute Onyx) versus ultrathin cobalt–ch...

[Articles] Thin composite wire strut, durable polymer-coated (Resolute Onyx) versus ultrathin cobalt–chromium strut, bioresorbable polymer-coated (Orsiro) drug-eluting stents in allcomers with coronary artery disease (BIONYX): an international, single-blind, randomised non-inferiority trial
The Resolute Onyx stent was non-inferior to Orsiro for a combined safety and efficacy endpoint at 1-year follow-up in allcomers. The low event rate in both groups suggests that both stents are safe, and the very low rate of stent thrombosis in the Resolute Onyx group warrants further clinical investigation.
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[Comment] Are all drug-eluting stents created equal?
Non-inferiority trials with combined clinical endpoints in allcomer populations were suggested as a compromise between premarket assessments and speed of innovation.1 However, it is important to remain aware of the limitations of the information provided by these trials. In The Lancet, Clemens von Birgelen and colleagues2 report their comparison of two highly regarded drug-eluting stents in clinical use (the Resolute Onyx and the Orsiro stents) in a population of 2488 allcomers. The primary endpoint was target vessel failure, a hierarchical combination of safety endpoints (cardiac death or target vessel myocardial infarction) with an efficacy endpoint (target vessel revascularisation) at 1 year.
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[Articles] A polymer-coated, paclitaxel-eluting stent (Eluvia) versus a polymer-free, paclitaxel-coated stent (Zilver PTX) for endovascular femoropopliteal intervention (IMPERIAL): a randomised, non-inferiority trial
The Eluvia stent was non-inferior to the Zilver PTX stent in terms of primary patency and major adverse events at 12 months after treatment of patients for femoropopliteal peripheral artery disease.
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[Comment] Endovascular stenting in femoropopliteal arteries
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) represents a major burden on public health worldwide. The number of affected patients has increased in both low-income and middle-income countries (by 28·7% for 2000–10) and high-income countries (by 13·1%).1 The strong association with ageing, tobacco smoking, and diabetes means that the prevalence of PAD will continue to increase in the coming years.1 Although undertreatment of patients with PAD is common in many countries, endovascular intervention has become the dominant modality for treatment of obstructive disease patterns, and various different devices have been investigated in clinical trials.
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[Comment] Just societies, health equity, and dignified lives: the PAHO Equity Commission
The USA is the richest country in the Americas and its residents enjoy good health: female life expectancy is 81 years and male is 76 years. Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas; its residents suffer poor health: female life expectancy is 66 years and male is 61 years. US gross national income (GNI) is about US$59 000 per person. In Haiti, it is just over $1800 per person, adjusting for purchasing power.1
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Latest content from npj Science of Food: 24 September 2018

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npj Science of Food

Table of Contents: September 2018

Perspective | 21 September 2018

Human augmentation of ecosystems: objectives for food production and science by 2045

Masatoshi Funabashi

npj Science of Food 2 , Article number: 16 |  doi: 10.1038/s41538-018-0026-4

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What's new on DG Health & Food Safety Website update - 24/09/2018

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BBC Health: Mental health: Five hour journey for anorexia help

Mental health: Five hour journey for anorexia help
One teenage girl has to travel five hours to London to get treatment for anorexia due to a lack of Welsh services.
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Dentists call for pudding and sweet soft drinks ban in schools
Dentists are asking the Scottish government for a "bolder approach" on healthy food choices in schools.
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Laxative sales may be restricted under government review
The government is considering action amid fears they are being abused by people with eating disorders.
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How to help a friend who's struggling with mental health
Mental health nurse Laura Nuttall says encouraging them to see a GP is a "great stepping stone".
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Life as a young dementia carer
Krastan Antonov, 24, wants to remain working as a carer despite better paid jobs being available.
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Magpas Air Ambulance: Bedford, car vs lorry – Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene

Bedford, car vs lorry – Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene
At 11:32pm last night (16th) Magpas Doctor Scott Castell and Paramedic Andy Ormiston arrived in south Bedford via a Magpas Air Ambulance rapid response vehicle. They had been called to treat a man who had been seriously injured in a collision between a lorry and a car. The Magpas Air Ambulance enhanced medical team assessed the patient (in his 40's) who had sustained multiple, serious injuries...
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Houghton Regis, cyclist vs car – Magpas Air Ambulance flies to scene
At 7:08pm last night (20th) Magpas Doctor Steve Corry-Bass and Paramedic Steve Chambers landed in Houghton Regis via the Magpas Air Ambulance. They had been called to treat a boy who had been injured in a collision between a car and bicycle. The Magpas enhanced medical team assessed the patient (in his teens) who had sustained a serious head injury. They placed him into a medically induced coma...
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Join the next generation of PHEM clinicians
You could be part of the Magpas Air Ambulance enhanced medical team. Would you like to not only save lives, but help seriously ill and injured people return to a good quality of life? Would you like to learn how to bring specialist medical care to the scene of serious incidents? Then we want to hear from you! Follow the link in the advert to find out more, or if you wish to discuss the...
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Flex connectors in Halyard Closed Suction Kits – risk of interruption of ventilation (MDA/2018/030)

Flex connectors in Halyard Closed Suction Kits – risk of interruption of ventilation (MDA/2018/030)
Manufactured by Halyard Health – risk of some Flex Connectors in Closed Suction Kits becoming loose or disconnecting, which may interrupt patient ventilation.
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SureSigns VS & VM patient monitors and Viewing stations manufactured before May 2018: risk of batteries overheating or igniting (MDA/2018/031)
Manufactured by Philips – Lithium ion batteries which have exceeded their specified replacement interval or number of charging cycles are at risk of overheating or igniting.
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News story: Voluntary recall of USA-manufactured homeopathic products: check for affected products
Certain batches of four homeopathic products manufactured in the USA have been voluntarily recalled due to possible microbial contamination.
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Imatinib 400mg Capsules (3 x 10) PL 36390/0180 : Company-led recall
Cipla (EU) Limited has informed MHRA that there is an error on the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) for the above product: the dosage information for the indication CML is incorrect
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News story: Improving how we collect and document consent
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Health Research Authority (HRA) have published a joint statement on seeking and documenting consent using electronic methods (eConsent).
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Various trauma guide wires – risk of infection due to packaging failure (MDA/2018/032)
Manufactured by Zimmer Biomet with expiry dates prior to 31 May 2028 – wire may breach packaging, compromising sterility of device.
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RCOA: RCoA responds to BMA’s 'Caring, Supportive, Collaborative?' report

RCoA responds to BMA's 'Caring, Supportive, Collaborative?' report

Responding to the British Medical Association's new report, 'Caring, Supportive, Collaborative?'  Professor Ravi Mahajan, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, said:

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FPM New Membership Routes

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