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donderdag 4 januari 2018

BBC Health: Common virus used to help fight incurable brain cancer

Common virus used to help fight incurable brain cancer
UK patients are being treated with the novel therapy that ramps up the body's own defence systems.
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NHS Wales chief executive apologises for cancellations
The chief executive said the NHS received the highest month of life-threatening calls in December.
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Record numbers call NHS 111 over festive period
NHS England data shows more than 480,000 people called NHS 111 over Christmas - a record number.
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'Twice as many die' in Africa after surgery
Surgery is a "silent killer" because of a lack of medical staff for aftercare, researchers say.
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Waitrose bans sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to under-16s
Customers buying drinks with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre will be asked for proof of age from 5 March.
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